Infertility Treatment Fees


 If RAMQ Eligible*


 Covered by RAMQ$300


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)Covered by RAMQ if indicated for cancer$6,000


(in addition to IVF)


Egg donation
(medication & screening of donor not included)


Embryo cryopreservation
(includes freezing and 1 year storage)
Covered by RAMQ if indicated for cancer $1,000


Egg Freezing for social reasons (includes storage of eggs for 1 yr) N/A$5,000


Laser assisted hatching N/A$500


Frozen embryo transfer cycle N/A$1,500


PESA or TESA to retrieve spermCovered by RAMQ if indicated for cancer$3,000


Complete semen analysis$200$200


(saline infusion ultrasound)


Individual ultrasound scan$150$150


Ultrasound monitoring for  intrauterine inseminationCovered by RAMQ if combined with intrauterine insemination$400


Double gradient sperm wash for intrauterine inseminationCovered by RAMQ for up to 9 cycles unless a clinical pregnancy is achieved$400


Sperm cryopreservationCovered by RAMQ if indicated for cancer$500


Storage of frozen eggs, embryos or sperm (annual)Covered by RAMQ if indicated for cancer$300


*RAMQ : Quebec medicare card