Infertility Treatment Fees


 If RAMQ Eligible*


 Covered by RAMQ$300
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)N/A$6,000
ICSI (in addition to IVF) N/A$1,500
Egg donation
(medication & screening of donor not included)
Embryo cryopreservation
(includes freezing and 1 year storage)
 N/A $1,000
Egg Freezing (includes storage of eggs for 1 yr)Covered by RAMQ if for cancer$5,000
Laser assisted hatching N/A$500
Non-invasive analysis of embryo culture media N/A$2,500
Sperm sort for elevated DNA fragmentation N/A$750
Frozen embryo transfer cycle N/A$1,500
PESA or TESA to retrieve spermCovered by RAMQ if indicated for cancer$3,000
Complete semen analysisN/A$200
(saline infusion ultrasound)
Individual ultrasound scanN/A$150
Ultrasound monitoring for  intrauterine inseminationCovered if RAMQ eligible$400
Double gradient sperm wash for intrauterine inseminationCovered by RAMQ for up to 9 cycles $400
Sperm cryopreservationCovered if indicated for cancer$500
Storage of frozen eggs, embryos or sperm (annual)Covered if indicated for cancer$300

*RAMQ : Quebec medicare card

N.B. Any person who is asked for payment contrary to the dispositions of Article 22.0.01 of the law regarding assurance maladie has the right to request reimbursement from the RAMQ