Quebec Program of Assisted Reproduction

The Quebec Program for Assisted Reproduction changed on November 10, 2015 and is currently governed by Bill 20.

This bill:

  1. preserved RAMQ coverage for infertility consultations and
  2. preserved RAMQ coverage for up to 9 cycles of intrauterine insemination
  3. removed RAMQ coverage for IVF except in cases of cancer
  4. mandated single embryo transfer for ALL women age 36 and younger
  5. mandated transfer of no more than 2 embryos in women age 37 or older
  6. removed RAMQ coverage for the purchase of donor sperm
  7. for eligible patients (no prior children, vasectomy or tubal ligation) replaced RAMQ coverage for fertility treatments with a tax credit (up to a maximum of $20,000) based on family income:
    1. If family income below $50,000 then you are eligible for an 80% tax credit
    2. If family income above $120,000 then you are eligible for a 20% tax credit
    3. A sliding scale in between

This credit applies to one IVF cycle for women age 36 or younger, and up to 2 IVF cycles for women 37 and older. For more information about the tax credit please see:


Please also note that the federal government offers a tax credit of 15% for all fertility related expenses, and this credit can be applied for any treatment costs incurred over the past 10 years.

Finally, for current prices of treatments related to in vitro fertilization please consult our Treatment Fees page.