Donor Insemination (DI)

Donor insemination is a treatment option for couples when the male partner has no sperm (azoospermia) in the ejaculate and no sperm on testicular biopsy. It is also an alternative to higher forms of reproductive technologies such as IVF and ICSI, TESA or PESA. Donor insemination is also a treatment option for single women or same sex couples who seek a pregnancy. We work with donor sperm obtained from internationally respected sperm banks that meet Health Canada criteria, which are among the strictest in the world.

Screening is performed on each donor before collecting and freezing the sperm. The screening process includes a complete medical and social history, a thorough family history, and intensive screening for sexually transmitted or common genetic disorders. Potential donors are not accepted if abnormalities are detected on any of the screening tests. Moreover, each frozen specimen is quarantined and only released for use if the sperm donor remains free of HIV and other infectious illnesses for at least six months after the last sample was produced.

Once you have decided on Donor insemination treatment, you will meet with your doctor to discuss the selection of a donor and your individualized treatment plan. We will also initiate a standard fertility work-up as well as screening for sexually transmitted diseases. Prospective donor insemination recipients and their partners will also be asked to meet with a psychologist to ensure that you are well prepared to initiate treatment. You will then be provided with donor selection information to assist you in finding a suitable and personalized match. After the donor is chosen you will be ready to start your treatment.