International Fertility Patients

A substantial number of our fertility patients reside outside of the Montreal area. The reasons for this include our high standard of care, our attention to detail and our high pregnancy rates. In addition, the cost of treatment at the Montreal Fertility Centre is generally much lower than that at most U.S. fertility centers. An additional advantage is the city of Montreal. Montreal offers a dynamic combination of outstanding accommodations, restaurants and European flare. For patients living outside of Montreal we offer primarily IVF/ICSI treatments. Treatments are organized to minimize visits to Montreal without compromising the level of care.

Fertility Treatment Process

The fertility treatment process is divided into 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Phone Consultation

Copies of all test results and fertility treatments you have had so far, together with a completed self-assessment form should be sent to us by mail or fax. We will assess your file, and offer you a phone consultation or an onsite consultation.

Step 2:  On-Site Visit

This visit requires an overnight stay in Montreal. It is scheduled between day 5 and 10 of your menstruation. During this consultation you will have a saline infusion ultrasound (sonohysterogram), semen analysis and a blood test to assess your hormonal and viral status. At days end all results will be gathered and discussed with you in detail. If a decision is made to proceed with treatment, a precise treatment plan will be developed. You will also have an opportunity to purchase required medications.

Step 3: Treatment cycle (IVF)

The first part of your treatment cycle will take a place at your domicile. We would expect you to arrive in Montreal, depending on your case, between 4 days and 2 weeks prior to egg collection. During your stay you will be seen regularly at the Montreal Fertility Centre, in order to monitor your progress leading to your egg collection procedure. You need to stay in Montreal until embryo transfer that occurs between 3 and 6 days following egg collection, depending on the number and quality of embryos obtained. We strongly recommend that you buy an open-ended ticket for this trip to Montreal.